Black Tie Casino Parties
Photo Booths - We have an 8’x8’, photo booth, a 5’x5’
photo booth, on an open booth with a backdrop.  These
are good for anywhere from one to person to a large
group.  Two strips of 4 photos are printed out.  There is
an optional book you can purchase to put one of these
strips in and the people can sign the book, and you can
also purchase the memory card to have all the pictures in
digital format.   A great hit at any party.

Pass The Pigs - A dice game where the dice are pigs.
You roll the pigs and see how the pigs land, on their
head, on the left side, on their back, etc. Each position
has its own point value. Just don’t let them touch each

Wingo - A traditional style game with 75 random
numbers and cards to mark them on.  

Wii Systems - These games are projected on a large
screen. We have many games including Dance Dance
Revolutiion, Guitar Hero III, DJ Hero, Rock Band,
Outdoor Challenge, and other Wii games -- Have fun
competing with your friends in the old standards like
baseball, bowling, and tennis.   

Xbox and Xbox Kinect Systems - These games are also
projected on a large screen. We have many games
available like Whipe Out, Dance, Sports, etc.  

Game Shows - Have fun competing with your friends on
some of the most popular game shows like The Price Is
Right, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, or Do You Want
To Be A Millionaire.  Play against one player or in
teams. Projected on a large screen

Cash Cube - Jump into the cash cube and catch the flying
money. Use it for special prizes or for more chips to get
back to the gaming.   

Putting Green - If you would rather swing a club than a
card, try our Putting Green. Keep in practice for the
season or challenge your friends.    

Bean Bag Toss, Washer Toss, and other Carnival
- These traditional games are available to keep
those who prefer this type of activity entertained.  We
also have Birdie Putt, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect-Four,
Basketball Toss, and many other fun games    

Horse Racing - This is a video of horse races from a
real race track. Players read the racing form and place
bets on the horse they want to win. Then the race is run
on a large screen and everyone cheers for the horse of
their choice.  As an added fun, we can personalize the
race with names of your guests as the jockeys and other
fun names for the horses.  This is called by a live

Promotional Pull-Tabs - A great addition to you casino
night or to use before the party to promote the up-coming
event. A fun game anyone will be able to play. Each
package contains over 1600 pull-tabs and a poster to
identify the winning tabs.