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Minneapolis and St. Paul's largest casino party company
since 1984.  We provide casino parties, photo booths,
and other fun events in the Twin cities, Greater
Minnesota and the upper Midwest:

Casino Parties. Photo Booths, Event Planning, and Party
Planning for Corporate Events, Boat Parties, Birthdays,
Sales Meetings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Class Reunions,
Retirement Parties, Fund Raisers, Any other large or
small gatherings.

We can also supply:
Event Planning, Master of Ceremonies, Hostess, Bar
Tenders, DJ, Magician, Hypnotist, Decorating, Balloons,
Face Painting, Juggler, Assistance in finding a location,
Catering, Carnival Games & Blowups, and DJ Services

We will meet anybody's price
Black Tie Casino Parties
We recreate the energy and excitement of Las Vegas without
having to leave home. We bring in your selections of casino
games and dealers for your guests to play. All games are
played with chips just like a real casino and guests redeem
their chips for raffle tickets or vouchers, hoping to win one
of the prizes you as the host has provided for that purpose.  

Types of Casino Parties:  Corporate Entertainment  This is
the majority of the events we do. Looking for a way to
entertain your employees at next company party?  We can
help you essentially take your whole company to Las Vegas
without leaving home.  How about all those sales reps in
town for that sales meeting?  Let us show you ways to
integrate new product themes into your sales meeting

Maybe you have a country club full of members looking for
a new social event or entertainment for your next golf
tournament.  It's a great way to end the day on the course.   

How about a special birthday party for someone who loves
Las Vegas.  A casino night is also a great addition to a
wedding reception, bar/bat mitzvah, or any other time
people get together.

How Does a Typical Casino Party Work?  A Casino
evening would progress as follows:  Set-up would be done
before your guests would arrive.  Each player would be
given a card they would cash in at a table for $10,000 in
Casino Chips only.  Playing of the games would begin at
whatever time you decide and then go for three hours
normally, but the actual dealing time is determined by you.
The tables normally have a table limit of $5,000 per bet.
Some games differ from this.  At the end of the time we
would call Last Hand, the table limits would be removed,
and the final hands of all games would be played.  Chips
would be counted, everyone would receive an auction
voucher or tickets for the drawing (your choice). We could
also fill out vouchers for each guest, put their names on
them, and sort them for you if you want to award the high
winners.  The auction or drawing can be handled by one of
our dealers for a nominal fee.

AUCTION:  At the end of the evening everyone would turn
in his or her chips to a dealer to be counted. The dealer
would then fill out an auction voucher, which is what the
people would use to bid on prizes. You have to decide if
people could combine chips and/or vouchers at the
beginning of the evening. If you have single and married
people, we suggest that they are NOT allowed to combine
so everyone has a fair chance. You would also have to
decide if once they bid on an item, and get it, even if they
did not use all their money can they bid again or are they
done. We suggest that once someone wins an item, they
cannot bid on other items.

HIGH WINNERS:  Same as the auction, everyone would
turn in his or her chips to a dealer to be counted. We would
then fill out vouchers, put the player's names on them, and
the lead dealer will sort them so you have a list of the high

DRAWING:  Same as the auction, everyone would turn in
his or her chips to a dealer to be counted. They would
receive one ticket for every $5,000. We always round up, so
if someone would have $5,300 they would get two tickets.
We have two-part tickets where one part would go into the
box to be drawn and the other would stay with the player.
We also have one-part tickets where the player puts his/her
name on the ticket, drops it in the box, and listens for their
name to be drawn. So everyone has a chance a winning we
suggest that everyone start out with one ticket, which can be
handed out at the beginning of the evening.

PRIZES:  They can range in size and value depending upon
your budget. You could use anything from plants,
Christmas decorations, coolers, radios, tickets to some
event, gift certificates, to TVs, just to name a few. Another
place you may be able to get prizes and help the budget
would be from vendors that you buy from. The prizes can
be wrapped so they don’t know what they are getting or the
auctioneer can give a brief description of each item as it
comes up for the drawing or to be auctioned.

We can find those prizes for you.  Just let us know the ages of the guests
(adults or kids), what kind of prizes you are looking for, how many prizes you
want, and how much you want to spend for each prize.  We will add this to the
total cost of your party.  We can also supply someone for your prize giveaway.

Is A Casino Party Legal?  Yes, as long as certain conditions
are met.  Casino games are not illegal, its gambling that is
illegal.  Gambling is defined as having three essential
elements; consideration (money), chance and prize.  
Consideration is the giving of something of value (money).  
Chance is simply the element of chance, which is present in
all casino games. Prize is something of value you might win.  
All of our parties eliminate one or more of these three

If cost is an issue how about supplying most of the dealers
(it's fun to deal!!).  We can bring you the tables and only
one dealer for a greatly reduced cost for your party.  
Room for everyone
to play.
Fun for
Black Tie Casino Parties